With the added feature of air integration to the Vyper you have all the essential information for a successful dive at your fingertips.

In addition to the information you have grown accustomed to expect in the Vyper, you will also see tank pressure and estimated remaining air time. The air consumption of a dive is stored as a used pressure value, delta P, in the logbook memory. If you wish you can add the superb SK-7 compass to the Cobra.

New Advanced Algorithm
The Cobra offers the new advanced algorithm - the Suunto Reduced Gradient Bubble Model. The advantage of Suunto RGBM is the additional safety it provides through its ability to adapt to a variety of situations should the diver become subject to higher risk dive profiles.

Innovative Features
When diving with the Cobra, as with the Vyper, you have the option to set dive time and depth alarms in order to facilitate your dive. During the dive you can enter bookmarks into the computer's logbook for future reference. The stored dive information, including profiles, can be read either from the display or from a PC. Air consumption is shown as a tank pressure drop in addition to all the r other logbook data of a Vyper computer.

The unique advisory push button system enables you to display the current time during the dive. The possibility to create a personal setting through the advanced personal and altitude adjustment options give more versatility and safety to the diver. The Cobra features a high-definition electroluminescent illumination which can be adjusted to be on for 5 to 30 seconds and lights up automatically when an important alarm is given.

Main Features

*emergency margin up to 150 m (450 ft)

Cobra Compass
An attachable unit made to fit the Cobra.

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