Compact. Ergonomic. High Visibility. The Low Profile Octopus has an ergonomic 120 degree angle between hose and mouthpiece - perfect angle for sharing air. The angle of the mouthpiece ensures that it won't snag on dive gear or the underwater environment. Soft cover button for ease of purging - even with thick gloves on! Tested highest-visibility yellow. Side-mounted exhaust allows the LPO to work equally well when upside down. Adapter available for mounting on Air Mic® Inflator. Custom, quick-release mounting clip included. Compact and streamlined for less drag.


This Octopus second stage is fitted with an adjustable venturi to limit any free flow problems. It is fitted with a yellow cover and a 39" hose which makes it easy to deploy. It can be fitted to any regulator having a 3/8" LP port.


The Glacia Octopus is specially designed for cold water diving**. The displaced lever, specially treated parts and heat exchangers effectively resist the formation of ice.

*Warning: Certain working pressures require special types of tanks and valve connectors.
**Warning: Diving in cold waters requires special training given by a qualified body.

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